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Lena Kuivisto - Visual Artist 

I primarily create abstract paintings using acrylic paints on canvas, with the most common painting size being 90 x 90 cm. I also incorporate some mixed media, often using silver leaf, and my paintings typically feature thick layers of paint and areas of unpainted canvas. My style is expressive and slightly rough, although the color palette is vibrant and fresh. My goal is to create paintings that bring beauty, energy, and playfulness into reality.

I am born in 1966 in Sweden and I live and work in Turku, Finland. I graduated as a visual artist from the Turku Academy in 2004. After graduating, I held several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. There was a natural break once I became a mother with organizing the exhibitions and the break continued when I worked as an art teacher in high school. Now I  working again as an artist.



My studio is situated at the Art House in Turku. We have a very active visual artist community and we have just established our own art gallery called Gallery Aski.



Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Art Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences


Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Åbo Akademi University

Upcoming exhibitions


Groupexhibition with Rettigin kuvataiteilijat ry, Gallery Aski, Turku


Solo exhibition, Gallery Aski, Turku  


Groupexhibition, Art House, Turku 


Turkish and Finnish Artists' Exhibitions, Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul and later in  Ankara, Turkey

Contact Me

+358 50 5438962

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